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Developer: The OrganWise Guys, Inc.

This app is designed to help you inspire your kids to make healthy lifestyle choices by delivering a daily bite-sized video lesson about being smart from the inside out featuring The OrganWise Guys® cast. Your kids will learn about how to make healthy choices related to the topics of:
-Eating fruits and veggies
-Bone health
-The importance of a good breakfast
-Healthy snacking
-Fresh air

Other features of this app include:
-access to the full video library of Shorts!
-healthy messages
-options to purchase full-length videos
-updates and ideas on using OrganWiseGuys curriculum in the classroom and at home.
-and much more!

The OrganWise Guys Comprehensive School Program is based on a four-year quasi-experimental study, which showed statistically significant improvements in children’s weight and blood pressure measurements for program participants. Find out more about using The OrganWise Guys in your school at

Since 1993, The OrganWise Guys Inc. has been working with teachers, parents, and nutrition professionals to create a whole child approach to the prevention of childhood obesity. A friendly cast of “OrganWise” characters (Hardy Heart, Madame Muscle, Sir Rebrum, the brain, etc.) are the teaching tools used to make learning about healthy choices fun and interactive.